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• We have developed an exclusive antenna that, in terms of resistance, design and technology can be used indifferently in labels, trims or “as is”
Embedded: It is discreet, effective and adaptable
WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT putting a NFC enabled device (i.e. smartphone) near the trim (i.e. a label or a button) the customer receives immediate confirmation of the authenticity of the garment, when the applications installed, or ask him to install it to verify the genuineness of the purchased item
• Being designed to become a viral SECURE STANDARD it can work also on multiple devices
Active engagement: client is part of the game
• You can tell the story i.e. of your company, product, idea, event, in a social user friendly platform, attaching, video, images and so on
• The client is rewarded in a game scheme for every fake he finds in a one to one marketing scenario
• Data are stored on secure servers and can be made available upon acceptance of the client