BerBrand has committed itself to the Greenpeace Detox Campaign to give a firm contribution to the complete removal of all toxic chemicals from the Fashion System, for a cleaner Planet and a more ethic Fashion Read more →





BerBrand invites its community and visitors to sign the Detox Fashion Manifesto

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Detox Fashion Manifesto

We are a global movement of fashionistas, activists, designers and bloggers united by a belief that beautiful fashion shouldn’t cause toxic pollution. We want the clothes we wear to be as stylish and authentic as we are. This is our Detox Fashion Manifesto:
1. We believe that brands and suppliers must act immediately to stop poisoning waterways around the world with hazardous chemicals.
2. We recognise that this will not happen over night, and want brands and suppliers to be transparent about what chemicals they are releasing into the environment on the road toward toxic-free fashion. It is our water, we have a right to know.
3. We believe in rewarding and collaborating with honest and progressive suppliers and brands, and will encourage others to do the same.

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