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BerBrand was born in 1995 to produce buttons and accessories for the fashion industry, in high quality pioneering and classic materials. It is among the first in the sector to localise the mother-of-pearl manufacturing in the place of raw material collection. It contributed to the creation of Ecocrest, an international certification system for the supply chain traceability.

Product Sustainability Claims and Company Sustainable Behaviour:

Energy Management

Use of renewable energy and adoption of technologies and measures for energy saving: plants and processes, energy performance improvement; self-production and purchasing of energy from renewable sources (hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal…).


Adoption of tools and documents for sustainability steering, management, measurement and communication.


Social dialogue and stakeholder engage- ment (management for stakeholders, responsible supply chain management, HR engagement, corporate volunteering…). Core business related corporate activities, in support of communities (solidarity, international cooperation, educational initiatives…).

Water Management

Adoption of technologies and measures aimed to reducing water use in the production processes (increased processes efficiency reuse, recycle…) and to waste water improvement*.

Waste Management

Adoption of technologies and measures in the production aimed to waste reduction and sustainable management (reuse, recycle, inserting into specialized recycling centres and other users…).*


All supply chain steps in the production of these Fabrics/Accessories are traceable and a traceability label is associated to the product.

Sustainable Procurement

Adoption of technologies and measures of sustainable procurement not related to the production processes (use of social coopera- tives, green and solidary procurement: corporate fleet, paper use reduction, recycled paper…).

Recycled/2nd Life

Fabrics/accessories made from recycled fibers or materials (pre or post consumer) or second life materials.

Animal Welfare/Biodiversity

The raw materials used are collected, produced, transformed and commercialized avoiding cruel practices against animals (eg. mulesing, peace silk, etc.) and/or with methods and criteria tended to protect and preserve biological diversity.

Our iconology reflects our 2008 sustainability claims now focused on the Sustainable Development Goals as a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.

"We decided to leave our original old 2008 icons in this page as the evidence of our vision in the past, years in advance, to the present and the future."

Sustainable Development

BerBrand is “WCA” (Workplace Conditions Assessments) certified.
External and independent auditors appointed from major brands evaluated:

  • Labor
  • Wages & Hours
  • Health & Safety
  • Management Systems
  • Environment

In BerBrand facilities, included our subcontractors.

Every day, we are bombarded with advertising about environmentally friendly goods and services. But how many really are green, and how many are just pretending?
Help us to stop Greenwashing!


BerBrand has a 100% verticalised and traceable supply chain and has been certified and has won several prizes for this reason.
Every different material can be traced directly back to the source.

BerBrand’s mother-of-pearl (Pinctada maxima) has achived the highest standards since the supply chain management is totally vertical and zero waste. Other materials are sourced in respect of the environment, but due to the widespread origin it is not possible to certify every single on.
In this section we give transparence to the life cycle of different materials and it is constantly updated when improvents occurs.
Mother of Pearl

We source from almost the entire extention of the Pacific Ocean, from Chile to Vietnam, from the Red Sea and from the Indian Ocean.

- BerBrand is officially classified as an Italian innovative company amongst few others, these involves production processes that in most cases are patent protected or patent pending, an NDA is required, visits to our facilities are allowed only to authorized personnel or independent auditors.
– Welcome to our Institutional video on our sources of mother of pearl: Watch More

You can find all relevant information above on this section of our website
Some Videos explaining our philosophy:
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BerBrand has been one of the first 7 companies in the world to adhere to the Detox Campaign additionally, as you can read in our sister company institutional page we have reached the zero waste on MOP:

About Superlativa

We adhere to a consortium that guarantees us the use of biomasses and in minor part solar energy, A2A.

This is a theme our CEO widely discuss in various round tables around the world and mainly in Universities, i.e Read More
or International Events, i.e Read More

As specified in the tests necessary to adhere to the Detox Campaign all our products and relative workings undergo an extensive testing to ensure they are in no way harmful to people or the environment. You can download our technical data sheet here:
– Berbrand srl APEO Investigation Report, (Mother of Pearl and Real Buffalo Horn): Read More
– BERBRAND SRL Combined M-RSL : Read More
– Technical data sheet are attached, our recycled buttons are in conformity with Oeko Tex 100 and since our standards are higer we release the Oeko tex certification only when required.