The Core

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BerBrand’s company model

is talented people, global reach, a customer solutions focus, and diverse and connected businesses.

[/ball][ball title=”Product” color=”#FD5E5B” icon=”icon349″ icon_url=””]Berbrand produces tremendously innovative solutions for the Fashion Industry in terms of trims, technology, logistic and one to one marketing tools.

[/ball][ball title=”Balance” color=”#699E84″ icon=”icon342″ icon_url=””]We are a transparent corporation, our balance sheet is available on request by sending an email. Our ECAI (External Credit Assessment Institutions), rating is one of the highest in the sector, (8 to 10 pts), because being financially sound counts.

[/ball][ball title=”Investor related” color=”#CFCC33″ icon=”icon341″ icon_url=””]You can find more information about us and our future strategy on

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