This is our planet

The world crisis took economic center stage this year, drawn there by nearly a decade of strong growth. Rising incomes have given millions of people in developing countries the means to improve their standards of living, but this has also obliged the whole world to new challenges:

  • Make the growth sustainable in terms of world natural resources;
  • Make the growth sustainable in terms of the financial market.

Yet challenge always accompanies change of magnitude. Developments of similar importance are taking place in other sectors of the economy, as the world grapples with energy constraints, financial instability and environmental responsibilities.

We at BerBrand live in 5 countries around the world, serving luxury goods. We often are in a central position to assess the onset of change. With these insights, we help customers and communities deal with the challenges at hand. By connecting our people, knowledge and resources in new ways, we nourish ideas and possibilities in the complexity that is today’s global economy.

3 Reasons to engage with us

You can decide whether to be a mummy in a museum, or with Berbrand be a star of the future.

Benefiting from a vertical supply chain BERBRAND have always the best value and quality ratio.
We also consider loyalty a significant value.

Communicate to your client that you are using our buttons and accessories, is a built-in value able to embrace and get the better from a network of distinction, ours.

The new Luxury

Berbrand produces and commercialises, fashion accessories and TRIMS, synchronizing every day 3 production units, 2 pearl farms, 2 warehouses, 1 logistic unit dislocated over Asia, Europe and South America.

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Ecology & Technology

Through its logistic and productive structure, based on the most advanced technologies, BerBrand has built, relying
on partners who have based their corporate ethics on eco-friendly solutions, a highly efficient tracking system.

BerBrand wants to send out a very strong message to the productive world, also to areas that don’t seem to be related directly with ecology, like information technology, because following simple rules it is possible to the respect of the environment.

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