berbrand-emanuele-bertoliInnovating with sustainability thinking

A top level service offer, particularly in the logistics sector, combined with quality and competitive prices: these are the strong points of Berbrand from Adro (Brescia), a company founded in 1995 that over a short space of time has become a world leader in the processing of Pinctada maxima, the precious Australian mother-of-pearl. It comes in a variety of colours for fashion accessories such as buttons, whose production is entirely traceable and certified. Even the processing scraps are used for producing Superlativa sheets, unique products for the interior design of houses, yachts, aeroplanes, luxury cars, and mosaics for swimming pools, fitness centres and household furnishings.

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BerBrand has been selected as a champion company, so, BerBrand will rally round a few selected micro and small companies implement their innovation process.

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From high fashion to luxury, buttons and accessories in fashionable and genuine mother of pearl, for a large niche of customers looking for “not only the brand but also the intrinsic value “explains Emanuele Bertoli, the founder and owner of Berbrand. A challenge attempted to provide further product innovation and process excellence.

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