BerBrand Thanks to its unique characteristics, continuously seed new projects that from the idea are transformed into business units in a second step accelerated in collaboration with high-profile partners, both industrial and financial.


BerBrand is a  manufacturing and commercial small business focused on buttons, packaging, fashion trims and custom jewelry for the apparel industry.  The pursuit of total quality in the end product and the production process itself is almost obsessive and in the specific case of Berbrand has resulted in an unusual business model which can be summarized as follows:

Eco-sustainability. Berbrand has greatly anticipated market requirements by offering products whose ecological credentials are independently tested and certified by an external body throughout the entire production process (i.e. the Genoa Aquarium Foundation’s Ecocrest Certificate). 

The reduction of waste. Working with such a precious, natural material, over the years Berbrand has refined its production process until it has now reached the “zero waste” target, thanks to the development of technologically advanced materials that have opened up new markets.

Logistical efficiency:  According to Berbrand’s management team, the competitiveness of products in this sector can be measured not it price but in how quickly a shipment can be completed and delivered.

Clients: Our clients are the most celebrated fashion brands and their makers. 

" A center of excellence for disseminating Indulgent Innovation boosting the next research generation for a circular economy "

— Emanuele Bertoli, CEO

As shown in the Ecocrest video, we supervise and monitor the pinctada maxima supply chain. In Indonesia and Australia we collect the cultivated shells mainly from independent farms during the whole process.

BerBrand is the company that manufactures and markets Superlativa®, the unique and innovative patented cover material developed using a unique and proprietary technology. Superlativa® is an extraordinary combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities, and an ethical and social awareness that characterizes contemporary lifestyles: the lifestyles of those that want to fully enjoy the products they use on a daily basis in complete respect for the environment. The little ® has enormous significance: it identifies the distinctive and unique technology, the advantages and lifestyles associated with the brand, and is also a guarantee that protects consumers against imitations.

Italian passion and the Superlativa® maniacal commitment for thrilling excellence are the inspirational themes for a new and amazing environment , made with natural and sustainable materials.


I think privacy is valuable. You don't have to share everything, and it's healthy to occasionally hit the pause button and ask yourself if you're oversharing. But at the end of the day, if you're disruptive you don't have to fear anyone

Lotus fabric has unique properties: it is naturally soft, light, especially breathable. It is also a very eco-friendly fabric containing no chemicals or toxic products and with a zero-waste life cycle. It’s probably the most ecological fabric in the world. While the production of lotus fiber is secular and traditionally used for Buddhist monks it has remained at a craft stage.

Together with certified industrial partners, we collect, sort and process luxury disposed materials for use in other manufacturing processes.There are three types of recycling:

Mechanical: the process of breaking down collected materials into smaller pieces through shearing or other physical means

Chemical: the process of breaking down collected materials into monomers and other basic chemical elements (“depolymerization”)

Second life: with an authorized and accredited infrastructure – we handle expired goods that can be still consumed but not sold thanks to an informal and confidential network of recyclers that capture valuable disposed materials and and kept it from being destroyed in landfills.